Working with Ill Children – Test

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1. Strong family networks handle the illness of a child more effectively.
 True False

2. When children are ill, they are typically most worried about:
 Their own survival Dealing with physical pain How their parents will cope with the illness and possible loss of them Missing school

3. Families facing the illness of a child need an outlet for aggression.
 True False

4. What part of the triune brain is slowest to respond?
 Emotional or limbic Base or reptilian Thinking or neocortex

5. When families are offered help from their extended families and communities, how can we encourage them to accept it?
 Highlight the benefit to those offering help of having a job to do and something to contribute Offer a list of possible jobs Encourage the family to identify a person to manage the help Suggest that asking for exactly what is helpful to them is an act of empowerment All of the above