WCRC Cooking Club Recipes

Attached are links to PDF copies of recipes used by WCRC Online Cooking Club instructors, most recent first.


5/15/20 Evelyn Thai
-Caramel Vanilla Hazelnut Milk
-Creamy Cashew Hemp Heart Milk
-Almond Milk 3 Ways

5/6/20 Chandra Collins
– Broccoli Tots
– Spinach and Kale dip
– GF Crackers
– Southwest Salsa
– Housemade Tortilla Chips
– Triple Berry Nice Cream
– Chocolate Nice Cream

4/24/20 Evelyn Thai
Roasted Mushroom Medley
Pizza Spiced Snack Mix

4/8/20 Chandra Collins
Parsnips 4 ways
Riced Vegetable Fried Rice
Roasted Parsnip Soup