(MPR) Guided Meditation with Shannon Knorr

October 3, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Monthly on 1st Thursday until December 5, 2019
Excluding: March 26, 2020

Guided meditation.

In this class we will begin with a practice of breathing awareness and somatic meditation, which is meditation which focuses on following the sensations of the body. This practice is invaluable as it can be practiced anywhere to start to calm down our thoughts, and bring us into our bodies and the present moment, and stimulates the parasympathetic response of our bodies, and out of fight or flight.
Next we will be lead through a guided meditation. After entering into deep relaxation we will explore deeper parts of ourselves within our bodies and souls, each month focusing on different topics, such as, self love, forgiveness, compassion, creating boundaries, finding our voice, creating space, reclaiming our bodies, and learning to listen to our bodies, minds and spirits. Afterwards, a few minutes to write about your experience and space to share.
Shannon Knorr has been teaching rehabilitative Pilates, Yoga and embodiment for almost 2 decades. She has completed a 500 hour advanced yoga training as well as having a degree in Dance/Movement Therapy. She has extensive knowledge of the body, it’s anatomy and the workings of the inner body. She believes that a movement practice truly is a dialogue with our own bodies.  Shannon is a breast cancer survivor and during her treatment and recovery found her movement practice to be her lifeline. Shannon believes that Pilates and Yoga are accessible to every body, and learning about our bodies puts our health and wellness into our own hands. Through our movement practice together, may we develop a stronger connection to ourselves and our bodies, which in turn deepens our connection to the greater world. Inhabiting our bodies brings us more into the present moment and more into our very own lives.