Cancer and Cultural Humility – Test

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    1. When we practice cultural humility, the most important thing is learning about what life is like in the country where our client grew up.


    2. The most important thing about cultural humility is:

    a. Engaging in reflection and life long learning about our assumptions and our own cultural contextb. Making sure the interpreter speaks the same dialect as our clientc. Reading a history of the culture our client is a part ofd. Continuing to expand our knowledge of other cultures

    3. As practitioners of cultural humility we:

    a. Know our own historyb. Reflect on our experiencesc. Examine our world viewd. Commit to lifelong learninge. All of the above

    4. When we practice cultural humility, we trust that the speaker is wise.


    5. In order to demonstrate cultural humility, we must treat everyone the same.