Post Traumatic Growth and the Cancer Experience – Test

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    1. Which of the following is experienced by a greater percentage of people who undergo trauma?
    Post Traumatic Stress DisorderPosttraumatic Growth

    2. If a person experiences posttraumatic growth, they will not experience PTSD.

    3. If you are trying to invite the experience of Posttraumatic Growth in your clients, you should ignore their symptoms of PTSD and focus on the good things that are coming out of the experience.

    4. Which of the following make living with cancer and other long term illness ripe for posttraumatic growth?
    It is a long term stressor, potentially giving people an extended experience of questioning their world views and noticing their own strengthsThere is a relative acceptance of getting help to deal with the psycho-social aspects of the experienceIt is somewhat more likely that a person with cancer will become connected with other people experiencing the same thingAll of the above

    5. Posttraumatic growth is something people experience as a result of traumatic events.

    6. What environment most increases the likelihood of a posttraumatic growth?
    Spending lots of time aloneGoing away for a vacationGoing away for a workshopRelationships in which the person's experience is heard, absorbed and processed.