The End of Life Option Act – Test

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    1. What factor is not considered in evaluating a patient’s appropriateness for the End of Life Option Act?

    a. Mental capacityb. Ability to swallow the required amount of liquidc. The family’s feeling about itd. 6 months or less to live verified by two doctors

    2. A patient’s capacity must be determined by a mental health practitioner.


    3. A patient has a right to suspend treatment, even when they are not terminally ill or in a coma


    4. A parent can employ the end of life option act on behalf of their child under the age of 18.


    5. Name one of two roles of an ethics committee.

    a. Cost controlb. Risk managementc. Quality assuranced. Case consultatione. Make and enforce treatment decisionsf. Medical center watchdogg. Make recommendations only, not decisions

    6. Dr. Shavelson spoke of his hope that one entity, in particular, would become increasingly involved with managing the End of Life Option Act. That entity was:

    a. The primary care physicianb. Hospice organizationsc. Hospital ethics committeesd. Mental health counselors