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Regulating Emotions; Mind Bubbles and Mind with Jar-Kathryn Strong of Akhila Health


Akhila Health's vision is to provide holistic health programs for stress management that empower and engage individuals to uncover their best selves. Their programs promote wellness at multiple levels: body, mind, emotion, intellect, and spirit. This six-part series will educate you on how various holistic tools can be used to help manage stress, including mindfulness […]


Mindful Meditation with R. Consuelo Inez


Let go of everyday stress, anxiety, and worry. Surrender -- release the mind and find freedom in the present moment of guided meditation. Lower blood pressure, relax the nervous system, and connect body, mind and spirit to restore and heal. R. Consuelo Inez, indigenous energy medicine-woman, will guide you. Click HERE to complete a client intake form, […]

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