Cancer Survivorship Resources

If you had cancer, you might benefit from survivorship support because:

  • you feel like no one in your world understands what it is like to have experienced cancer treatment.
  • you have completed treatment but cancer is still on your mind.
  • you have questions about how your body feels post-treatment.
  • you are interested in learning about ways to best support your health.
  • you know your life has changed but you are still trying to understand the changes.

Know that WCRC offers programs to aid you in your survivorship: These programs include:

  • Support Groups – our groups are open to women diagnosed with any kind of cancer and different cancer stages, including cancer survivors.
  • Wellness Workshops – try one of our movement, creativity, and food-oriented workshops to support your physical and emotional wellness
  • Patient Navigation –  we have experienced patient navigators who can answer questions about life post-treatment, can consult with you before your next oncology appointment, and can debrief with after your appointment,
  • Information & Referral Helpline – call our Helpline when you have questions about community resources or receive regular check-in calls from volunteers
  • Volunteering – some of our volunteers are cancer survivors who support clients  that are currently in treatment or contribute to the WCRC community in other ways.

To see WCRC’s menu of services (one page in Spanish & one page in English), click HERE.

Additional resources

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Mental Health

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Podcasts & Talks

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Survivorship Workbook

Surviving the Storm: A Workbook for Telling Your Cancer Story by Bay Area author and psychotherapist, Cheryl Krauter, MFT