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Mindful Tapping Meditation with Melbra Watts (11/27; 12-1:15 PM)Cooking Club: Beautiful Bone Broth-A Traditional Superfood (11/27; 6-7:30 PM)Gentle Yoga with Christine Selleaze (11/29; 1-2:00 PM)Embodied Storytelling: Body Positive Movement and Meditation (11/29; 6-7:00 PM)Cooking Club: Don't Get Sick! Make an Immune-boosting Herbal Tonic (11/29; 6-7:30 PM)Healing from Cancer with the Power of Guided Imagery (11/30; 11:45-1:15 PM)Chair Yoga with Vicky Griffin (11/30; 5-6:00 PM)Watercolor Basics with Ruth Block (12/2; 1-3:00 PM)Mindful Tapping Meditation with Melbra Watts (12/4, 12/11, 12/18; 12-1:15 PM)Gentle Yoga with Bonnie, Lee and Christine (12/4, 12/6, 12/11, 12/13, 12/20; 1-2:00 PM)Cooking Club: Healthy Party Food That Will Make You Feel Better (12/4; 6-7:30 PM)Cooking Club: Pumpkin Mushroom Cannellini Bean Stew (12/6; 6-7:30 PM)ABC Soul Line Dance (12/6; 6-7:30 PM)Therapeutic Coloring Club with Dolores Moorehead (12/7; 6-8:00 PM)Chair Yoga with Vicky Griffin (12/7, 12/21, 12/28; 5-6:00 PM)Holiday Art Workshop: All Green Gift Wrapping Reuse (12/8; 10-12:00 PM)Belly Dance for Wellness with Monica Berini (12/13; 6-7:00 PM)Expressive Arts Therapy with Merideth Bowen Shamaszad, MFT (12/14; 6-8:00 PM)Writing for Wellness with Elana Dykewomon (12/16; 1-3:00 PM)Cooking Club: Healthier Holiday Eating (12/18; 6-7:30 PM)Sketchbook Circle with Margo Rivera-Weiss (12/20; 6-7:30)Cooking Club: Mindful Eating with Kasin Antona and Melbra Watts (12/20; 6-7:30)

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