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To register for any volunteering event, please contact Audrey Shoji at (audrey@wcrc.org) or 510.809.0202.

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Wellness Workshop Instructor

DESCRIPTION: Support holistic wellness of WCRC’s  clients by sharing your personal passion or activity as a volunteer instructor in one of the areas of Mindfulness, Body Movement, Art & Literature, Cooking Club.

  • Volunteer instructors lead workshops supporting of and appropriate for women with cancer and those who have undergone treatment at any time in their lives, in consultation with the Community Engagement staff;
  • Ability to design, plan, organize & lead Zoom workshop with varying number of participants;
  • Excellent communication skills, patience, compassion and positive attitude in leading workshop;
  • Ability to assume host controls of Zoom workshop.

BIPOC &/or LGBTQ people & those with bi/multi-lingual skills are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Greeter & Opener for Wellness Workshops

DESCRIPTION: Brief volunteering is invaluable volunteering!

  • Reliably log into the WCRC Wellness Zoom account 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time (this can be from your phone or computer);
  • Open the Zoom meeting and welcome and greet any workshop attendees who may arrive before the workshop presenter/instructor arrives;
  • Hand over Host controls to the workshop presenter/instructor and then you are free to leave the workshop;
  • Especially needed during weekends;
  • On-call volunteer role.

BIPOC &/or LGBTQ people & those with bi/multi-lingual skills are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Outreach Committee Volunteer

DESCRIPTION: Join a volunteer-led committee and advance the social justice mission of WCRC by bringing important awareness to its programs and services.

The Outreach Committee relies on a diverse set of skills and there will be many opportunities to contribute, for example:

  • Tabling at community events, interacting with the public, distributing WCRC literature and information about its programs and services;
  • Creating and deploying marketing strategies for a variety of WCRC programs, workshops and events;
  • Managing a portfolio of community partners with whom you can share our services on a regular basis;
  • Assist with creating flyers and social media content;
  • Sharing WCRC outreach information on programs and services, events, etc., including social media, clubs, churches, organizations, businesses, through your own networks, etc.;
  • Planning and executing events with staff and other volunteers.

BIPOC &/or LGBTQ people & those with bi/multi-lingual skills are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Free Therapy Program Psychotherapist

DESCRIPTION: Your professional expertise provides critical mental health support for WCRC clients.

12 clinical hours over a number of months.

Join our cadre of psychotherapists – both licensed therapists and interns in private practice – in volunteering 12 sessions to a low-income woman or couple who are living with cancer. These sessions would take place in your private practice office and/or via Zoom meeting. As part of the program you can choose to participate in an ongoing consultation group that meets every month on the first Wednesday of the month and professional development opportunities. This network of like-minded clinicians has become a consistent and supportive presence for our volunteer therapists, as well as in the lives we touch in the cancer care community. The regular consultation groups provide a highly valued opportunity for reflection on the challenges of working with women, living with cancer and death and dying. To become a member of the Women’s Cancer Resource Center’s Psychotherapy Program, please contact our Clinical Services and Resources Manager at 510.809.0216.

BIPOC &/or LGBTQ psychotherapists, & those with bi/multi-lingual skills are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Volunteer Translator (must be fluent in a second language, in addition to English)

DESCRIPTION: Use your fluency in a second language to increase access to health care and services for monolingual clients and for those for whom English is not their language of choice.

  • Volunteer translators receive training in several programs to enable them to use their language skills across those programs on an as-needed basis;
  • Flexibility, timely and prompt response to requests, strong communication skills (e.g., comfort in speaking and communicating clearly with WCRC clients, informing Volunteer Manager promptly if not able to fulfill a translation request);
  • On-call volunteer role.

BIPOC &/or LGBTQ people & those with bi/multi-lingual skills are strongly encouraged to apply.

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For more information, please contact Audrey Shoji (audrey@wcrc.org) / 510.809.0202